Festival Lent is about to be stormed by the hottest young rock band at the moment, Joker out, a band that many dare to claim that they have taken over sole possession of the top of the Slovenian rock scene, and whose fame has already spread beyond the borders of our country. Following their sold-out gig at Križanke in Ljubljana, where they debuted original songs in Serbian, they stole the show as Slovenia’s main attraction at the Music Awards Ceremony (MAC) in Belgrade. The Slovenian and foreign public were surprised to learn that Joker out will be representing Slovenia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The likeable fivesome are becoming increasingly recognizable also due to their daring style, which is a perfect match for their rich genre-fluid musical output. They’re selling out venues all across Slovenia with songs like Umazane misli, Barveoceana and Demoni, and have announced a major gig in Stožice, but first they’re about to take the Main Stage at Festival Lent.

Joker Out 
Bojan Cvjetićanin, vocals
Kris Guštin, guitar, backing vocals
Jure Maček, drums
Nace Jordan, bass guitar
Jan Peteh, guitar



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